clist/ctree (was Re: The menu-editor...)

James Henstridge wrote:
>You can pick up right (and middle) button presses with the
>button_press_event signal.  From that you can get the (x,y) coordinates of
>the press, and use this function:
>  gtk_clist_get_selection_info(clist, x, y, &row, &col);
>Then you have the row and column in the list that were clicked, and which
>button was pressed.  There is probably a similar function for the ctree.

This is what I was originally doing, but a button press 'leaks through' the
scroll bars in CTree. When the scroll bar was dragged, the button press was
detected and an unwanted row would be selected. So, I changed to detecting the
"select_row" signal.

It's funny, I have an app that uses GTK 1.0.5 and the clist returns the 2nd & 3rd
buttons fine on the "select row" signal. But when I re-compile using the devel GTK,
those buttons are no longer detected. Is this intentional?

John Ellis <>

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