[gtk-list] [patch] gtk*paned: relative resizing

I uploaded a patch to allow a relative resizing of the paned 
Here is the README:

In the current version (at least 1.0), when the paned widget is resized,
the right (resp. bottom) child of the widget is shrinked. And when you
reduce the size too much, this child becomes invisible (size reduced
to 0). On the contrary, if you enlarge the paned widget, the right
(resp. bottom) child becomes huge compared to its brother.
As you usually have a child you consider as more important than the
other one, this can be problematic.

There is currently no way to change this behaviour and this seems
to be a problem for some users, as this show up regularly on the 

This patch changes the default behaviour of paned widgets when they 
are resized. The resize stuff is now a relative one, so when you
resize the paned widget to its minimum size, you still have both
children on the screen.
I also added a function: 
gtk_paned_set_children_ratio() which allow the user/programmer
to set the ratio child1/child2 (default value is 50-50).

I don't know if the function name is well-chosen as english is not my
natural language, so if you have a better idea... :).

The patch was made against the 1.0.5 version (I trashed my 1.1.0 
archive yesterday evening :().


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