Red Hat's gtk+-devel-1.0.4-1

Red Hat's Gtk+-devel rpm 1.0.4 version 1 places the include file glibconfig.h 
in the directory /usr/lib/glib/include/ where, at least on my system, gcc and 
egcs can't find it.  It does, on the other hand, place glib.h in /usr/include. 
This created an obscure problem whenever I tried to compile something because 
it appeared that the header glibconfig.h was missing.  I solved this problem 
by making a symlink in /usr/include to glibconfig.h (once I'd found the 
thing), but I couldn't find this problem with the package listed in Red Hat's 
errata so I thought this might be a good place to report it?

Jason Stokes:          

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