Re: [gtk-list] Re: Callback Argument Marshalling

Kenneth Albanowski <> writes:

> > I think most of Gtk+ is free of GTK_TYPE_POINTER.
> Even in signal descriptors? If so, I _really_ need to get working on
> Gtk/Perl for 1.1.x.

Yeah, um, I think so.  Have a look for yourself.  I just did a grep in
a one-week-old (shame, shame) Gtk source tree:

% grep -n GTK_TYPE_POINTER *.c
gtkargcollector.c:95:    case GTK_TYPE_POINTER:
gtkctree.c:282:             GTK_TYPE_NONE, 2, GTK_TYPE_POINTER, GTK_TYPE_INT);
gtkctree.c:289:             GTK_TYPE_NONE, 2, GTK_TYPE_POINTER, GTK_TYPE_INT);
gtkctree.c:296:             GTK_TYPE_NONE, 1, GTK_TYPE_POINTER);
gtkctree.c:303:             GTK_TYPE_NONE, 1, GTK_TYPE_POINTER);
gtkctree.c:310:             GTK_TYPE_NONE, 3, GTK_TYPE_POINTER, GTK_TYPE_POINTER, 
gtkctree.c:311:             GTK_TYPE_POINTER);
gtkeditable.c:151:                  GTK_TYPE_POINTER);
gtknotebook.c:231:                  GTK_TYPE_POINTER,
gtkobject.c:167:                           GTK_TYPE_POINTER,
gtktypebuiltins_evals.c:361:  { GTK_TYPE_POINTER, "GTK_TYPE_POINTER", "pointer" },
gtktypeutils.c:705:    { GTK_TYPE_POINTER,              "gpointer" },
gtkwidget.c:322:                    GTK_TYPE_POINTER);
gtkwidget.c:344:                    GTK_TYPE_POINTER);
gtkwidget.c:352:                    GTK_TYPE_POINTER);
gtkwindow.c:149:                    GTK_TYPE_POINTER);

I quickly looked up some of these places and it looks like there is no
obvious cure for these GTK_TYPE_POINTERS.  For example, the CTree
widget uses them for GList nodes and the Widget for GdkRectangle.

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