RE: [gtk-list] Re: How to redraw a widget completely?\

> > > The problem is that in Glade you can select widgets and it draws
> > > a black rectangle around them. So when the widget is deselected
> > > I need to redraw the widget completely.
> the black rectangle is drawn in the selected widget or in its parent?
> I'm not talking of technical window stuff, just about "widget".
> ie: is the rectangle larger than the widget or inside? :)

The rectangle covers the widget's allocated area, just inside.

> I really don't like this and made a patch to make all widgets have their
> own window (except some specila cases like pixmap, separator, label...).
> You can find it on the ftp site if you want to test it (it's 
> gtl-fortier-somthing :).
> I guess it won't be included in the next release as Owen found the
> NO_WINDOW thing interesting for the _shaped_ window theming stuff 
> (shaped window (real one I mean) are much slower).
> A normal behaviour (maybe the one you expected) would have been to 
> clear the black rectangle under your widget. Period.

It sounds so easy, doesn't it? (I've spent days trying to get it working!)

Actually I don't think separate windows for everything would have helped
that much - there's still the problem of child windows. Though the
coordinate system in GTK is a bit confusing, if you don't understand the
relationship between widgets and windows. (I can post some notes on this
if anyone is interested.)


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