Re: library problems w/ RH5.1

Brian Lalor <> writes:

> Man, this is really starting to bug me.  I'm making my first real attempt
> at upgrading my RH5.1 box (with gnome v0.13) to v0.20 this morning.  I'm
> getting all sorts of problems with libraries, specifically libgdk
> (undefined reference to 'gdk_imlib_best_color_get' from and
> gtk (/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_strdelimit).  Here's the
> libraries (all installed from RPMs) I've got on my machine:

> 	glib-1.0.1-2
> 	gtk+-1.0.4-1

These need to match. Please upgrade your GLIB. (The GTK+ RPM
probably should have been set up to require the appropriate
GLIB - They are combined in the 1.0 source tarball.)

That, combined with the 5.1 updates Marc mentioned should solve most
of your problems.


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