Re: Debugging Gtk/Gnome Applications

Michael Lausch <> writes:

> Hi.
> How do you debug Gtk/Gnome applications? I've the problem that some
> widgets do a focus_grab after one mouseclick. If a breakpoint is set
> in the piece of code executing after this mouseclick, the whole
> scenario just stops. No more input is possible, and of cource you
> can't give the continue command to gdb. The only thing you can do is
> swuitch over to an ASCII console and kill the process.
> I know how to make breakpoints with commands with gdb. All i need to
> know is if it is
> 1) Which function call should i use to ungrab the
>    keyboard/mouse/focus? 
> 2) Is this somewhat save? i know it will trigger weird behaviour for
>    some applications (double clicking).

In normal cases, GTK+ may grab the pointer, but it won't grab
the keyboard. If, as in most window managers, you have a hotkey
set up to circulate the focus among window managers, you can
simply use that hotkey to get back to your xterm with gdb.

(For some code I'm working on which does grab the keyboard,
 I've resorted to running my program _from_ a VT with the
 DISPLAY environment set, but that is a pretty unusual case)


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