GNOME Database kit

I've seen various database utilities floating around, like the one Dr.
Mike of RHAD is working on.  I'm into the database stuff and want to
write a really cool database library for GNOME.  I want it to be
portable, abstracted, and powerful.
I'm looking for other database gurus and some gtk gurus to create the
widgets needed to logically interact with a database.  Attacted is a
little white paper scrap I wrote up outlining the intent of the kit.

Email if you're interested,
Adam Keys
GNOME can look good and all, but there needs to be more than just a pretty widget set.  To attract many programmers, there needs to be great API's for network services, graphics services, system services, and database services.  The GDBK attempts to address the latter.

The GDBK is two API's with a common interest.  The 'backend' of the code is a library of database access classes that allow abstract connection to a database, so that you don't have to go around rewriting your app every time you switch databases.  All you would need to change is the derived class that is your database connection.  The 'frontend' is a set of widgets designed for displaying the results from and interacting with a database.

Below is a faked snippet of C code that demonstrates what a GDBK app might look like:

#include <gdbk.h>

int main( int argc, char* argv ) {

	//gtk initialization
	gdbk_connect conn = new_pgconnect( "localhost", "passwd", "database" );
	gdbk_res = conn.query( "select * from tbl_foo" );
	gdbk_result_shower = new_gdbk_result_shower( res );


I might have my gtk look and feel wrong, but this is the general idea.  Like gtk, bindings would be easy for other languages.

Adam Keys

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