Re: Gtk--: Gtk_Dialog (refresh) troubles

On Wed, 5 Aug 1998 wrote:

> Hi Matt,
> thanks for the tip. Unfortunateley my problem is not the 'global'
> situation,
> but the one where each different dialog box has it's own object. As such
> your solution with the global static pointer isn't quite what I need.

Unless you ever have more than one dialog open at a time (I haven't had to
worry about this yet since all my dialogs need to be modal so far), I
think the hack would work fine anyway.  If you think this would be fine
for your app, just mail me and I'll send you my code.

> Anyhow, thanks for suggesting this ... BTW, what Gtk_Dialog bug
> are you referring to ...

There seemed to be a bug in Gtk_Dialog that deleted the C object part of
the widget too early.  But I haven't tried it since Gtk-- 1.0.4, and
Guillaume says it's been fixed since then.

Matt Perry []

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