Problem compiling GTK under SCO Unix 3.2

I found relatively simple compilation bug with gtk+ 1.0.5 under SCO Unix
3.2 this morning.  The file gtk/gtkfilesel.c uses the constant
MAXPATHLEN, which is undefined in SCO.  Now, the <limits.h> header
defines _POSIX_PATH_MAX, but that's only 255, whereas the return value
of pathconf(".", _PC_PATH_MAX) is 1024.  

For my purposes, I just #define MAXPATHLEN to be 1024 at the top of
gtk/gtkfilesel.c, but for a general distribution, something more elegant
should probably be done.  Perhaps the configure script could create this
value in a header somewhere if it is undefined?

Other than this, it works just peachy (well, at least testgtk works

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