RE: [gtk-list] GnuCash register widget: need suggestions and/or developers

have a look at  - is this more
or less what you are 
trying to do (ie - have an array of editable rows that you can easily
navigate up & down on)

source is messy - but in the same area

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> Subject:	[gtk-list] GnuCash register widget: need suggestions
> and/or developers
> The Gtk port of GnuCash has a now semi-functional register (the window
> that shows all the financial transactions for a given account), but
> it's a *severe* hack.  It's based on a CList, which is not the right
> tool for the job, at least not given its current functionality.
> The problem is that the register needs several features that are not
> currently available in any Gtk widget I know of (including GtkSheet).
> We need the ability to color cells individually (and potentially
> change the text font and maybe color -- negative balances need to be
> red).  We also need to be able to edit cells in-place using
> cell-specific widgets.  Some cells need to be represented by
> comboboxes when selected, some by entry widgets, etc.
> Right now I just trap a bunch of the signals from the CList and place
> the appropriate editing widget in a reserved area at the bottom of the
> screen, but it's ugly, and it doesn't work very well.
> I'm wondering if I'd be better off to enhance CList to support these
> features, or if it would make more sense to just start with the CList
> code and create a new widget (I'm guessing the latter from looking at
> the code for CList, and its design goals).  Either way, I imagine a
> good semi-general purpose in-place table editing widget might be
> useful.
> So, is anyone here interested in working on this (or anything else in
> GnuCash [1])?  I could proably do it, but someone more familiar with
> coding Gtk widgets could do it faster, and I have other items to work
> on.
> [1] We could use some good developers.  If you're interested see
> for more details.
> Thanks
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