gIDE 0.0.5 released!

	gIDE 0.0.5

   gIDE 0.0.5 is available for download. Changes include:
	* GtkEditor Support
	* /Compile/* Stuff implemented
	* /Run/* Stuff implemented
	* FontSelector in Preferences
	* Compile & Link Parameters in Preferences	
	* Basic Custom Tools Support
	* Autosave support
	* Misc Updates & Bugfixes 

   gIDE is a gtk-based Integrated Development Environment for C. The
   development has just started, but gIDE already features an Editor that
   can Create, Open, Close, Save & Print Files and there are already
   operations like Cut, Copy & Paste implemented. Search and some Tools
   are integrated as well. gIDE is currently in heavy development and
   help will always be appreciated.


		Linux-x86 Binary:

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