Pixmaps in Tree Controls?

Is there a way to add pixmaps to the labels in a Gtk Tree control? It's not that
important really, but it might make things look a little better. I'm using the
Gtk-- wrapper, so I haven't gone through the actual Gtk routines looking for a
way yet.

One more quick question while I'm thinking about it:
If I use a Menufactory, everything is pretty straightforward as far as
separators, accelerators, etc, but if I use a simply Menu, I'm completely in the
dark how to add separtor bars. I can figure out all the connections,
accelerators, but not something as simple as a separator bar.

Thanks in advance!

Devin Carlen
Software Engineer
Netran Interactive Commerce, Inc.

v. +1 256.705.2000 x213       f. +1 256.705.2010
e. dcarlen@netran.net         w. http://www.netran.net

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