GnuCash register widget: need suggestions and/or developers

The Gtk port of GnuCash has a now semi-functional register (the window
that shows all the financial transactions for a given account), but
it's a *severe* hack.  It's based on a CList, which is not the right
tool for the job, at least not given its current functionality.

The problem is that the register needs several features that are not
currently available in any Gtk widget I know of (including GtkSheet).
We need the ability to color cells individually (and potentially
change the text font and maybe color -- negative balances need to be
red).  We also need to be able to edit cells in-place using
cell-specific widgets.  Some cells need to be represented by
comboboxes when selected, some by entry widgets, etc.

Right now I just trap a bunch of the signals from the CList and place
the appropriate editing widget in a reserved area at the bottom of the
screen, but it's ugly, and it doesn't work very well.

I'm wondering if I'd be better off to enhance CList to support these
features, or if it would make more sense to just start with the CList
code and create a new widget (I'm guessing the latter from looking at
the code for CList, and its design goals).  Either way, I imagine a
good semi-general purpose in-place table editing widget might be

So, is anyone here interested in working on this (or anything else in
GnuCash [1])?  I could proably do it, but someone more familiar with
coding Gtk widgets could do it faster, and I have other items to work

[1] We could use some good developers.  If you're interested see for more details.


Rob Browning <> PGP=E80E0D04F521A094 532B97F5D64E3930

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