Re: [gtk-list] Re: Gtk--: G_List quirks

Kevin Handy <> writes:

> It really depends on the size of the functions being inlined, and
> the optimizations that are available in the compiler. For simple
> assign/read value functions, it can really decrease code size.
> What I was trying to convey was the fact that the functions being
> inline, it shouldn't generate code for functions that were never used.

We agree here.
> >I don't see what you mean. You still have to store something in a
> >node, and if it's not a pointer to an object, it's the object itself
> >(or a copy), which in 99% of the time is much less efficient.
> I'd think that storing an object would take less room than
> storing an object + storing a pointer to the object.

But the object is rarely on the list only, you create it then store it
on the list. Pointers are always easier to handle than full-fledged
objects. But I got your point from your previous mail :-).


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