Re: [gtk-list] Re: GtkText bugs...

This wouldn't happen to be the same problem I get when changing the font,
the cursor (the vertical line) isn't erased when I move it from the spot
it is (i.e. it'll leave a mark where the cursor is) .. Perhaps a
repainting issue, or font problems? ... 


On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Kevin Cozens wrote:

%Thomas Mailund Jensen wrote:
%> My editor widget seems to provoke a few bugs in the text widget (in
%> gtk 1.1).
%> These bugs appear event without the patch to gtktext currently needed
%> by the editor, so it is my hope, that some of you knows what to do, or
%> at least can point me in the direction for fixing the bugs.
%I have a patch for the GIMP I am about to release which also shows problems
%with the text widget. I was wondering if there is anyone in particular who is
%responsible for this widget or who may be working on fixing it.
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