Re: Tutorial code converted to Perl

I didn't find as much time as I'd have liked to work on this, but I've made
it through chapter 7.  I need to work on Majordomo over the weekend so I'll
just put up what I have and work on it in some free time.

I ran into only two problems: the aforementioned shape_combine_mask problem
and an inability to figure out how to turn the result of
$color_selection->get_color into what $window->set_background wants.

A tiny tar file is at  The files are
numbered for the section the program is from.  They're all uncommented and
were written to mirror the C code almost exactly; once I figure out how to
use the more nifty named-argument constructors I'll probably clean them
up.  (How do you do a multi-argument signal_connect using the nifty

 - J<

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