Re: handling pixmaps

Tony Gale <> writes:

> On 15-Apr-98 Owen Taylor wrote:
> > Since the goal was to draw one pixmap onto another, another
> > call will also in handy, even if using a backing pixmap,
> > 
> > void gdk_draw_pixmap   (GdkDrawable  *drawable,
> >                         GdkGC        *gc,
> >                         GdkDrawable  *src,
> >                         gint          xsrc,
> >                         gint          ysrc,
> >                         gint          xdest,
> >                         gint          ydest,
> >                         gint          width,
> >                         gint          height);
> > 
> When the first arg is a pixmap, what do I use for the second arg?

A GC created for a drawable compatible with the pixmap you
are drawing on.

In this case, since the pixmap you are drawing on will be
compatible with the GdkWindow of the DrawingArea widget,
you can simply use (for instance):



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