Re: [gtk-list] Re: Q's: Animation & GTK Markup Language

On  9 Apr, Derek Simkowiak shouted:
->  > 2) I've noticed that the new windoze gui controls are becoming more
->  > 'animated' (seems to be since IE4 and the active-desktop patches).
->  	I hate Windoze, but I do like Widget animations.  Right now a
->  program I'm writing updates a "label" widget at every keystroke, and it
->  flashes horribly (although the Win95 program I'm cloning does the same
->  thing :)
->  	Raster understands the importance of animation--from what I
->  understand the next E will have some nifty little anims (is that TRUE,
->  btw?)

I want to have animated root windows.. no animmations for anythgn else
tho.. technical reasons for that (ie i will make a dual PII-300 crawl
lieka snail if i had window borders animated with animated shapes...

the themes plugin architecture allows, in theory, animation to happen,
but I dont necessarily see it as a good thing.

->  	I think smooth scrolling and superfluous animations are important
->  to impressing new users (and potential coders)... but *NOT* at the cost of
->  performance.  If this crap bogs my computer down (like Windoze) then let's
->  leave it out.

guarantee: the more you do, the more cpu grunt u need, the more your
mahcine slows down. Simple. some people can either bear the slowdown
becuase in return they get fancier/nicer stuff.. others want every
ounce of cpu for their work, not fancy stuff, and others have so much
cpu grunt they simply don't knwo what to do with it, so it mayaswell be
used to do anmations etc.. :) it's a user choice. As long as an
architecture allows it. (in themes the theme init for a widget COULd
set a gtk timer signal and hook a callback to a function inside the
theme to update/change the widget...)

->  Derek

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