Re: [gtk-list] problems with sizing of widgets

Orlando Andico wrote:
> I'm using the stock GTK 0.99.970925 (from RH 5.0) to develop an MPEG 

You should probably update your GTK+. There have been _many_ changes
from the RH 5.0 version.

> So I decided to use an entry widget. The problem is that the entry widget
> consumes too much space. I want it to be smaller, but it does not obey
> gtk_set_widget_usize(). I am packing everything into a table (I don't use
> the packing boxes, too confusing as I am a GTK newbie).

Um...I know that gtk_set_widget_usize works if you have the widget
packed inside h or vboxes. Have you tried attaching the scrollbar to the
table with GTK_EXPAND | GTK_FILL? I'm looking at your gif right now and
I assume the entry widget you're talking about is the one on the right

Really, check out the tutorial, as it gives _excellent_ examples of how
hboxes and vboxes work. Feel free to email with any more questions.


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