Re: [gtk-list] file selections problems?

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Owen Taylor wrote:

> >      2) The 'File Selection' dialog has two problems that I've seen. First, 
> >      when the list of directories is long enough to require a scroll bar, 
> >      and you change directory into a directory not needing the scroll bar, 
> >      the directory panel seems to get stuck at the bottom, so you need to 
> >      scroll up. This bug is present even in the 'testgtk' program, but it 
> >      does not seem to be in 0.99.pre11. Second, when I open a file, then go 
> >      back into the 'File Selection' dialog to open a second file, the 
> >      directory and file panels are blank!

i've seen some similar problems in gubi, like the widget list doesn't shrink
anymore after i reoved list items...

think this has to do with scrolled window (viewport?) resizing...
haven't lokked into this though...


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