Re: [gtk-list] "Common problems" part of FAQ?

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> I have had an "uncommon common problem" recently.  That is, I haven't seen
> it discussed here, but I know I've seen it discussed as a general X
> programming issue repeatedly.  I was (effectively, when you strip out some
> exec failures :-) doing this:
>   if (fork())
>     exit(1);
> Well, that exit(1) synced my X protocol stream, which then got the X
> libraries awful confused, and then (much later) I got a SIGPIPE.  Doh.
> I should have known better.
> It has occurred to me that people with much less X programming experience
> than I (and I haven't that much myself) are using Gtk, so the answer --
> use _exit() instead of exit() -- might not be obvious to all users.  (In
> fact, it took me embarrassingly long to find it.  :-)  So I looked to see
> if it was in the FAQ, and I didn't even see a place for it.  Should there
> be a "Common problems" part of the FAQ?  I can imagine that "why don't my
> labels get clipped" would go there, too...

The exit() vs _exit() problem is described in the Unix Programming FAQ.
Maybe it should be added to the resources page. It can be found on or


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