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I don't think it's a calculator app. More of a shortcut (and much more, 
of course) for what would have to be a routine in Mathematica, etc. Very
often you want to see what the shape of a function looks like when you
change certain parameters. One way to do it is to plot several curves on
one graph. This does not give you a very good and  if you have more than 1
parameter, you can forget about it. This little application addresses this
shortcoming... Does that make sense?

Ok, now, what's an HP48?

PS: I'm the variable... and don't you forget that...

> Cool.
> Hmm. Is that the smell of a calculator app? A knockoff of the
> HP48 that doesn't rely on the ROMs would be oh so sweet. And
> in gtk to boot.
> BTW, I really like the "I'm the variable!," "Make me the variable!" 
> stuff. ;)
> James
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> James Mitchell
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