[patch] support XIM

I uploaded new patch gtk-matsu-971111-1.patch.gz to ftp.gimp.org.

		      GTK XIM Support Patch README


  This patch provides GTK+ international string input capability of XIM.

  Followings are the main feature of this patch.
	* support XIM protocol.
	* GtkEntry widget support Over-The-Spot and Root style input.
	* input style is configurable by command-line option.

  Furthermore, this patch includes several changes which are useful without
  XIM too.
	* copy and paste with other clients by compound text.
	* Window title can be specified by multi byte string.
	* gtk_selection_owner_set calls gdk_selection_owner_set as well
	  new owner and old owner is same (but does not send selection_clear
How to patch:
  % cd "gtk+'s top directory"
  % zcat "this patch" | patch -p1
  then, (re-)configure. configure script detects whether -DX_LOCALE is
  necessary or not.
    To perform this process corectly, you must set LANG or LC_CTYPE
    environment variable by the locale name you want to use.

  If you wish to disable main feature of this patch, you can use --disable-xim

                                  -Takashi Matsuda

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