Re: [gtk-list] guile-gtk compile problem

Ricardo Muggli <> writes:

> When trying to compile the guile-gtk distributed with GNOME 0.8 it errors
> out at this point:
> checking whether gcc accepts -g... yes
> configure: error: can not run ./config.sub
> could someone please point me to some documentation or give me some hints
> as to what I am doing wrong?

I think there are some dangling symlinks in gnome-0.8/guile-gtk.

You could try to correct them by pointing them at an existing copy of
config.sub, for example.  Gnome-0.8 itself should contain one in its
toplevel dir.

Gnome-0.9 seems to be imminent, so you might just wait for that.

> I didn't apply the gtk-interp.patch that came with gnome-0.8 because the
> patch didn't match up well with gtk+971025. Is my problem that I didn't
> apply the patch and if so is there a patch against gtk+971025?

That isn't you problem, and no, there is no patch.  Sorry.

I know I left a mess with all those patches.

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