A proposal for Gtk+

All Items will implament CORBA as there componant acritecture.

GMWC: (Gtk MircoWidgetComponents)
	General pieces of widgets, used to make the standard level 
widgets (Button's, Frames, etc...). May require a slight revamp of the 
basic widgets, but then Item #3 will require more then a "Slight" 
revamp... This is mostly to alow for the creation of new widgets with a 
standard look & feel. It will also make for easy look & feel 
modifications at the user end.

GFC: (Gtk Foundation Classes)
	See JFC &| ViewKit, same basic idea...

Also, A new look & feel for Gtk, that is entirly it's own. I'd like to 
see a combo between:
	OpenLook & NextStep & (Mabey...) MacOS.

Mostly because I'm sick & tired of anything that even kind of looks like 
Motif... (You know: M$ Windows, Motif itself, CDE(Based on motif, but 
modifyed), Qt, Tk, more...)

I'll be posting Alpha look & feel pic's soon.
(I'm thinking a basic copy of the OpenLook Scrollbar would be good,
as will Completly tearable menus(ala NextStep). The others... Well I'm
Still thinking on thoughs, that why I haven't posted the Alpha yet :)

PS: I'm not asking for any help on any of this, though I would like it. 
If you don't like my ideas, I'll simply create it myself for my 
own use.(Though I will of course make it (L)GPL) I hope though that
my sujestions are taken well and that we can make a LARGE enhancement
to the free software community in general. I intend to use ILU as the
corba client with this experiment(if you will), unless someone can 
give a good reason as to why I should look elsewhere. I chose ILU 
because it's already multi-language(C++,Python,CL,others), and it
should(I hope) be easier to port it to the other languages Gtk 
supports. IMHO Gtk is the best thing to happen to the Free Software
Community since Linux(And before that, gcc). It's intuitive, powerfull
, COMPLETLY FREE(See FSF definition of free), Multilingual, and has a
EXTREAMLY good tutorial(One of it's biggest advantages... to me at

PPS: Sorry for spelling errors, there is no good spell checker here(At
a friends house, & missing my ispell muchly...) 

Jasper, The Guru of Time. <leareth@hotmail.com>
-- You've got to lose, to know how to win.

Version: 2.6.3i


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