bug in find_line_params/line_params_iterate


there must be a bug somewhere in gtk-text-thaw.

I use this code to insert text in a text field:

  (gtk-text-freeze text2)
  (gtk-widget-realize text2)

  100x: (gtk-text-insert text2 #f #f #f
                         (string-append word2 "\n")

  (gtk-text-thaw text2)

When I insert normal 7 Bit ASCII text everything works fine, but when I
insert ISO-Latin chars like  the program hangs in gtk-text-thaw. The
load goes to the top and it looks like a endless loop. This is the last
part of the backtrace: 

(gdb) bt
#0  find_line_params (text=0x80785b0, mark=0xbfffe628,
tab_cont=0xbfffe61c, next_cont=0xbfffe610) at gtktext.c:2764
#1  0x401268b8 in line_params_iterate (text=0x80785b0, mark0=0xbfffe694,
tab_mark0=0x0, alloc=0 '\000', data=0xbfffe678, iter=0x40128640
<set_vertical_scroll_iterator>) at gtktext.c:1279
#2  0x401287b1 in set_vertical_scroll (text=0x80785b0) at gtktext.c:2517
#3  0x40129bf8 in recompute_geometry (text=0x80785b0) at gtktext.c:3283
#4  0x40124e24 in gtk_text_thaw (text=0x80785b0) at gtktext.c:521
#5  0x400305f1 in sgtk_text_thaw (p_text=1077326512) at gtk-funcs.c:4292

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