Re: [gtk-list] Request for Info Verification

>Can one of the authors verify this information so that when I put it
>into my FAQ it's not incorrect.
>> >
>> > Question: What is the + in gtk+?
>> > Possible Answer: It's because it includes gdk and glib.

Actually, the orginal gtk included gdk and glib also.  The + probably
comes from Peter's subconcious fear and hatred of C++.  I think
that is the *real* answer, regardless of what he might try to
claim as the explanation.

>> Add "is it General or Gimp or GNU" :).  I -think- they've settled on
>> general, but haven't gotten around to changing all the source files.

Somebody will probably have answered this already, but it started as
General and then changed to GNU.  Actually, it started as G.  heh.


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