Question and advice, please...


Last year I started a 3D modeler (GUI for povray, and other popular raytracers)
using XForms and Mesa (OpenGL). It was written using C.
Then, due to limitations of XForms, I switched to Motif. Later, I rewrote my
piece of code in C++. But I'm still not satisfied with this solution. While I'm
very satisfied with the new C++ approach, making things much easier and
powerfull, my development is very slow, mostly because of the use of Motif, 
through a C++ wrapper called Xarm. My old 486 with 8mo needs 2 hours to 
compile to stuff. :-(

Xarm provides tons of benefits but also implies too much overhead.
So, I'm looking for another toolkit which could preserve my investment, and 
being much lighter.

GTK seems to be a good candidate for this task, but it is plain C.

My question is therefore very simple: is there a good chance to see a C++ lib
being build on top of GTK, similar to Xarm. I do understand that some people
want to stick with C, but it would be really too painfull for me to switch back
to C. I'm getting tired of this toolkit war and I'd like to see a toolkit I
can trust. (Good doc (this is the case for GTK), bug free, GUI builder,  ... )
This is obvious, but it still does not exist under Linux.
Linux is probably the only toolkit that can pretend to have more toolkits
than serious applications... :-)

So, what is your opinion about all this. Comments are wellcome. 
(toolkit war is not.)

		Best regards, Frederick

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