Re: Code escape: Gzilla 0.01

Raph Levien wrote:

>    After a couple of weeks of hacking, I am eager to show an early
> prototype of gzilla to the world. Well, ok, only to gtk developers for
> now, at least until the UI gets a lot smoother.
>    The code is available at .
> It is only a 30K download, and will probably only take a minute or so to
> build.

Can not compile it:

szi@aibon:~/transfer/x/gzilla$ make
gcc -g -Wall -I/usr/ego/include   -c gzilla.c -o gzilla.o
gzilla.c: In function `gzilla_con_input_handler':
gzilla.c:198: warning: implicit declaration of function `GTK_CHECK_CAST'
gzilla.c:198: parse error before `GzillaByteSink'
gzilla.c: In function `gzilla_con_query_handler':
gzilla.c:239: parse error before `GzillaByteSink'
make: *** [gzilla.o] Error 1

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