Re: [gtk-list] Code escape: Gzilla 0.01

Since seems unavailable right now, I haven't been able
to take a look at Gzilla yet (...impatience...), but I'll give some
(unresearched) thoughts on the resize problem anyway.

I don't think it's the server that's doing the blanking - a quick
test I did was to try stopping a program and then resizing it's
window - and no such blanking occurred. 

The problem, I think lies with GTK_NO_WINDOW widgets. Because they
don't have an underlying X window, gtk has to deal by hand with
trying cleaning up after them. For instance, any time a GTK_NO_WINDOW
widget is resized, the area underneath it is cleared 
(see gtk_widget_size_allocate). (Actually, as evinced by various
label display problems, gtk may not be doing _enough_ clearing.)

The solution may be to separate out two different types of
GTK_NO_WINDOW widgets: those that actually draw things (label, pixmap,
etc.) and those that don't (vbox, alignment, etc.)  Clearing on
move/resize shouldn't be necessary for the second class, so perhaps
things could be fixed up either by simply restoring a X window to the
first class or by adding another flag to indicate that a widget needs
its old area to be cleared on move/resize.

Just some thoughts...

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