[gtk-list] Re: Re: Using GTK in a C++ project

> > I need (want :) to use gtk in a C++ development. But it seems I'm
> > stuck :
> > /usr/local/gimp/include/gtk/gtkentry.h:64: parse error before `delete'

> Precisely that, replace delete with something.  It's just a header
> file, so as long as you have the gtk libraries built already, it won't
> affect anything... well, beside letting your program compile.

	I've just changed delete to delete_ and everything is ok now.
> (Though, I'm beginning to think it's a consipracy that the gtk
> developers don't want you using C++ with gtk... mind you, it's a
> conspiracy that I agree with. :)

	Arf... I agree too, but my project involves a CORBA part
	which requires C++ (Omnibroker ORB). And I have a BiPPro200
	to compile on, so I don't need to make a break when g++
	runs :)

	By the way, does anyone need the patch ? :)

-- Thomas NOEL <noel@int-evry.fr>

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