Re: [gtk-list] alignment

>  I tried to put a icon, a label and a hot key label in a
>  menuitem. For this I put a hbox in a menuitem and put the three
>  widgets in it with different alignments. I want the icon left, the
>  label left and the hotkey label right. So I set the x alignment of
>  the icon and the label to 0 and that of the hotkey label to 1. But
>  that has not the effect I expected. The icon and the hotkey label
>  are ok (left and right). But the label is centered and a bit
>  shifted left. Anybody here who knows what went wrong?

You shouldn't use a hotkey label; you should rather use a
GtkAcceleratorTable and let the menu handle it.  You can look at the
latest version of gimp/app/gradient.c for an example... if you don't
have it, you can get it from:


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