Re: [gtk-list] Re:gtk documentation

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Prasanth Kumar wrote:

> Hi... I'm new to this list. Last time I looked at GTK a few
> months back, documentation was non-existant (excluding plowing
> through the source code :-) I'm wondering how it is now?

The documentation is still written in C, although there are patches of 
texinfo documentation appearing in the distribution now.

> However, the widget library I have been currently looking at now
> is called EZwgl. It seems very easy to use, is well documented,
> and also GPLed with source code available. I haven't seen much
> use of the EZwgl library but there seems to quite a bit of talk
> of GTK. So I am wondering those who have looked at both, why they
> choose one over another? You can email me directly if you desire...

I think the main reason people are excited about GTK is that the Gimp was 
written in it. The Gimp is by far and away the most polished free 
software X program I've ever seen, so it's natural that a lot of people 
want to make software that looks and feels as smooth.

I took a look at EZwgl. It's quite impressive, but as far as I could find 
out no real software has been written in it yet. I think the experience 
of having real software makes a big difference in terms of shaking out a 
library of any kind, especially a UI toolkit.


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