Re: [gtk-list] Re: Gtk and Drag and drop

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Tim Janik wrote:

> > Does Gtk already support drag and drop ? If not, are there any plans to
> > do so ? The offix drag and drop seems to be good and can probably be 
> > integrated into Gtk. Is anyone working on it ?
> > 
> just quoting the TODO list from the last gtk+ dist:
> >
> > -OffiX drag and drop support
> >
> this is from the TODO list, and it's not implemented yet, but anyways
> the TODO list states, that peter (and spencer) already took D&D support
> into consideration...

Hmm... I have some very prelim patches (i.e. you can turn on
gdk_show_events and see it telling you it is starting a drag, and I think
I had it sending the drop events at one point :-) but I didn't see any
specific framework for D&D support in gdk/gtk. If you know what that
consideration for D&D was, please let me know.

-- Elliot
How do you explain school to a higher intelligence?
                -- Elliot, "E.T."

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