Re: [gtk-list] Re: How do I... with labels

Shawn T. Amundson wrote:

> > Could anyone out there tell me how (if possible) to get a label to
> > word-wrap it's contents? 
> No, not as it is in 970606.  A patch was posted that allowed multiple
> lines.  Hopefully it or something similar with make it into a future
> snapshot.  You should be able to find the patch on the list archives,
> I would guess.

Ok, I'll look there.. I noticed that GZILLA actually does something
similar, maybe if Raph could explain how he did this (hint, hint, wink,
> I was working on a patch to make the label a little more robust, but I
> think I erased my work recently so I will have to start over.  :-(
Too bad.. In what way were you going to make it more robust, please
> If we had an incoming ftp directory for patches, would people upload their
> patches there?  If so, then I might be able to come up with some way to
> maintain a patches directory.
I really think that this would be needed. It would be nice to have an
ftp for ALL the gtk stuff. Maybe even a REAL gtk homepage. Something
like the Delphi-exchange would be nice. A spot where all the
gtk-programmers (not many yet i guess) could send their stuff, and some
info on-line, this way the idea for a user written doc on-line could be
possible. It just takes someone that is willing to maintains this.


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