compilation (minor) problems

System: HP712/60 + HPUX 9.03 + gcc 2.7.2

in plug-ins/flame/*.c
in plug-ins/fuse/fuse.c

a link error occurs due to srandom() and random() used instead
of                                            srand()       and rand()

a config macro should be set and taken into account...


in plug-ins/deinterlace/Makefile
in plug-ins/emboss/Makefile
in plug-ins/hot/Makefile
in plug-ins/nlfilt/Makefile
in plug-ins/sinus/Makefile
in plug-ins/waves/Makefile

a link error occurs due to libmegawidget.a which should appear BEFORE
all other libs (and not AFTER) on the link command


Friendly yours,

Jacques LEROY

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