Re: [gtk-list] ltconfig

On 11 Dec 1997, Tom Tromey wrote:

> You recently made this change:
> * Change to ltconfig to remove -z text for Solaris x86  
> Did you send it to the libtool maintainer?
> <>
> Tom

No, I did not because I don't fully understand the origin of 
the problem.  

The Solaris ld(1) man page:

     -z text     In dynamic mode only, force a fatal error if any
                 relocations  against  non-writable,  allocatable
                 sections remain.

I'm not sure if it is an problem with Solaris x86 ld or with some
part of the libgtk code or even gcc.  This problem doesn't show up 
at all in linking glib, libgdk, or libgimp. 

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