Re: [gtk-list] gdki18n.h

>>>>> "Owen" == Owen Taylor <> writes:

Owen> I've been working some more on i18n configuration issues.

On a somewhat related note, I've finally made my gettext patches for
GTk available.  They're in the patches directory on

I've appended the README for reference.

One thought that occurred to me is that it might be nice to have GTk
supply a translation database with a bunch of standard labels in it,
eg "Close", "OK", "Yes", "No", "E_xit" (assuming that is how
underlining will be done on menus).  I don't know if this is really
worth the effort, though -- I don't know how many common labels there

Comments welcome,

This is a patch to make GTk use GNU gettext where appropriate.  GNU
gettext is used to translate messages into the appropriate language.

The current patch does the bare minimum.  It just marks the places in
the source where translation must be done.

Here are some things that I did not do, and why:

* I didn't cause debugging text to be translated.  It didn't seem
* I haven't integrated gettext into the build process.  This requires
  some policy decisions to be made:
  * Should gettext be distributed with GTk?  (Probably.)
  * Should glib, gdk, and gtk use the same text domain or different
    ones?  (For now I've put all the messages in the "gtk" domain.)

This patch does do one other little thing: it changes the abbreviation
for "centimeters" in gtkruler.c to "cm" from "Cn".  I think "cm" is
more or less the universal standard.

I haven't written a ChangeLog entry yet.  I'll do this if the patch is
acceptable.  (FYI I can commit it myself, if you'd rather I do that --
I have access to the repository via Gnome.)

Tom Tromey <>

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