Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk+-971201

>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Painter <> writes:

    Jay> Here's a guess: I made a change to gtk+/gtk's
    Jay> It had been hacked at some point so that the shared library
    Jay> version was 1:0: now, I thought that libtool default blanks
    Jay> to 0, but so I changed it back to read 1:0:0 I didn't mention
    Jay> this because I thought it defaulted to 0, and therefore
    Jay>, but maybe you have some libs which are
    Jay>, which are not symbolic links, but are the
    Jay> older gtk libs.

Odd. I don't use the make install part of gtk+ (libtool can't install
into relative directories, only absolute ones, for some bizarre reason
-- and Debian packages need make install PREFIX=debian/tmp) so I copy
the lib and make the symlinks all in my Debian packaging script.

so no, I haven't had any on my system.

I'm currently compiling the most recent cvs version to see if it works
(I've been told it fixes the problem with text, but breaks something
in Script-Fu.)

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