Re: [gtk-list] Combo box widget

>  I am trying to write a combo box widget [1] and am through with
>  deriving it from gtkentry and displaying the arrow etc.
>  Can someone advise me on which one of the following implementations
>  is better for the list ?
>  (a) Implementing the list as a separate gtklist widget and managed by
>      gtkcombo.
>  (b) Writing it from the first principles from a Gdkwindow and
>      duplicating code in gtklist.

Definitely (a).  A quick idea that may just work right is to create a
gtk_window_new(GTK_WINDOW_POPUP), insert the listbox into it, and have
the window show at the proper position.

While you are at it, tab completion with respect to the list's
contents would be very nice :-)


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