Re: [gtk-list] Re: signals...?

On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Owen Taylor wrote:

> > both widgets show....i can draw pictures etc using image->mem.....
> > but one the drawingarea one registers signals.... :/
> > 
> > what fundamental thing am I missing? :)
> > beginning to bother me since I cannot seem to gleen the answer from source
> This is beginning to become a bit of a FAQ. The problem is that image
> widgets don't have associated X windows, so they can't have receive
> events.
> (Maybe the heirarchy of classes in the tutorial should list which
>  one's are GTK_NO_WINDOW, Ian?)

Yeah sure.. stupid Q.. how do I tell ? :-)

> The solution:
> Stick it in an EventBox. Of course, the eventbox widget isn't part
> of the standard distribution yet ...
> I've appended a new version of my EventBox widget below, with a
> suitable portion for the tutorial. (This version is presented as a
> patch to be included in the main distribution. It needs automake/autoconf
> or Makefile hackery to build ) It will be part of my GTK tree at:
> soon, but probably not tonight.
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
> (Yes, I've made some arbitrary name changes here, sorry Hoek)
> (Ian - feel free to edit the following for your uses. I also have tutorial
>  sections on my AspectFrame and Paned widgets, that I'll send along
>  shortly.)

Woowoo!:) Thanks! :)

I'll put it in the tutorial with a disclamer mentioning the need for a new
patched version..


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