gtk-U1 Patched Distribution

The first unoffical GTK patched distribution is avaible at /pub/gtk/gtk+-U1.tar.gz.

For those of you who have problems with, I'll be setting up a
mirror at soon.

I've removed the docs/ directory from the source tree.  This probably
wasn't the smartest thing to do...

I would like someone to FTP the I18N patch to /pub/incoming.
I have not included that one in this release.

I've tested it with the GIMP, Gzilla, and a couple of programs I wrote.
It works fine with all of them after re-linking the library with the
executables.  I grabbed most of the patches from the mailing list
archives, and because of the HTML translator many of them were damaged and
had to be added by hand, so I haven't put the individual patches up for
FTP yet.  Below is a semi-detailed description of what had been added to
this release.

NOTE: Added some stuff to acconfig.h so that autoheader would
      work, added header files to gdk/
      - Jay Painter

Changes in xinput-3:
From: Owen Taylor (

This patch is for X-Input support.  Mainly the Wacom tablet.



- gdk/

- gdk/gdk.c:

- gdk/gdk.h:

- created files: gdk/gdkinput.[ch]

- gdk/gdkprivate.h:

- gdk/gdktypes.h

- gdk/gdkwindow.c

- gtk/

- gtk/gtk.h

- created files: gtk/gtkinputdialog.[hc]

- gtk/gtkmain.c

- gtk/gtkwidget.c

- gtk/gtkwidget.h

- created files: gtk/testinput.c

Changes in patch-lauri2:
From: Lauri Alanko (

- gtkframe.c: 
Below is a patch that fixes bogus sizings for GtkFrame's contents.
It's bounds checking again, and pretty bad, too, since gint16:s are in

Changes in patch-lauri:
From: Lauri Alanko (

- gtkimage.c:
I've been trying to learn GTK, and while I was playing with GtkImages I
shuffled through the source trying to learn how GTK and GDK interact.
Anyway, I noticed that updating very small areas GtkImages with
gtk_widget_draw was rather slow, when compared to straight GDK stuff. This
was because gtk_image_expose() always updated the _entire_ image, for some
reason. Below is a patch that fixes this. My experimental
update-a-row-at-a-time -Mandelbrot program ran ca. 6 times faster after

Note that this version still updates the image entirely, when given a
bogus area, as happens after gtk_widget_init, when widget->allocation has
strange values (-1,-1,1,1). I thought that in such a case there shouldn't
really be any updating, but I wasn't sure, since the image is, in theory,
ready, and I didn't want to break anything... please tell me if everything
can be bypassed in such a case.

Changes in patch-ralph:
From: Raph Levien (

- gtkmenu.c:
Basically, it wasn't properly removing the old accelerator when you 
pressed a key. One consequence is that the old key still worked, even 
after you set it to a new one. Another consequence is that if you hit a 
key twice, it made it look like it took the accelerator away and wouldn't 
let you set it back.

Changes in patch-paned.2:  
From: Owen Taylor (

- gtk/ added gtkhpaned.[ch], gtkvpaned.[ch], and

- gtkvpaned.[ch], gtkhpaned.[ch], gtkpaned.[ch]: panned widget

Changes in patch-optionmenu:
From: Owen Taylor ( ??

- gtkoptionmenu.c: fixes segmentation fault when adding a empty
  menu to a gtk option menu

NOTE: I have done the additional fixes/changes after installing
      this patch:
      - updated to libtool 1.0 and other files, which 
        overwrites ltconfig and the other libtool-related files
      - added the gtkgamma.[hc] to gtk/ instead of since is created by automake

      -Jay Painter

Changes in gtk+970606-davidm.diff:
From: David Mosberger-Tang <davidm@AZStarNet.COM>

- gdkfont.c: fixes a potential SEGFAULT due to gchar being a
  signed type (this patch is absolutely necessary to get GIMP to
  startup on Linux/Alpha; other platforms may need the patch
  as well, though)

- gdkpixmap.c: fixes a problem with transparent pixels (this patch
  is by Peter Mattis)

- ltconfig: fix the problem that causes ltconfig not to recognize

- gtkbin.c, gtkbox.c, gtkbutton.c, gtklist.c, gtkmenushell.c,
  gtkcontainer.c, gtkcontainer.h, gtknotebook.c, gtktable.c,
  gtkwidget.c: fix a
  problem with reference counting (this patch is by Peter Mattis)

- gtktooltips.c: fix so tooltips work for scales again (but is this
  fix correct?  I'm not sure...)

-, gtk.h, gtkcurve.c, gtkcurve.h, gtkgamma.c, gtkgamma.h,
  testgtk.c, testgtkrc: split functionality of old gtkcurve into
  separate gtkcurve and gtkgamma widgets.  AFAIK, Peter Mattis has
  or wants to incorporate this change into GTK.  It does not affect
  any existing applications except that SANE requires both gtkcurve
  and gtkgamma.


Jay Painter -- --
Systema Admin., SSC/Linux Journal

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