Re: What (or where) is LSTATUS ?

On 14/12/2018 16:59, John Emmas wrote:

I've a feeling that LSTATUS might be possibly an obsolete type (on checking other libraries, everything that assigns the return value from RegOpenKeyEx() seems to expect a return type of LONG)


I guess you could also use LRESULT

FWIW I just came across this list of Windows Data Types on MSDN:-

Note that LONG and LRESULT are both listed (although LRESULT is apparently intended for pointer types).  However, there's no type any more called LSTATUS.  Also, the last copies of WinReg.h (i.e. the last ones which list LSTATUS) seem to be from either mingw or VC6.  The more recent ones all use LONG now - i.e.

    RegOpenKeyExA (
        __in HKEY hKey,
        __in_opt LPCSTR lpSubKey,
        __reserved DWORD ulOptions,
        __in REGSAM samDesired,
        __out PHKEY phkResult

Hope that helps, John

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