Re: Pango: Issues with illegal characters in family names (encoding problems on Windows?)

The one in [5] is a Windows .fon font.  It's possible that there's a
bug in FreeType driver for that format.

As far as I can see, there is no FreeType bug.  According to the FNT
specification[1], the family name must be ASCII, which is not true for
this font.  The first character of the font's family name string is
0xC6, which corresponds to `Æ' in win1252 encoding.  This also
corresponds to the charset value specified in the font (value 0, which
is `FT_WinFNT_ID_CP1252').

In general, FreeType doesn't adjust the family name string.  For
`.fon' files, FreeType sets the font encoding to `FT_ENCODING_NONE'
(in almost all cases), and it's up to the application to use function
`FT_Get_WinFNT_Header' to extract the font's charset.  I assume that
the font's charset is also used for the encoding of the family name
string.  However, this is undocumented.



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