Re: pango_layout_get_extents() question

I'm not sure about your particular case, but in general, ink is not necessarily contained within the logical 
rectangle - there might be flourishes and tails on letters that overlap with the adjacent letters - the 
logical rectangle just determines spacing.

 pango-view --annotate=1 --text f --font 'DejaVu Sans Italic 80'
 pango-view --annotate=1 --text fo --font 'DejaVu Sans Italic 80'

And that should make it clear.


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For the ink and logical rectangles returned by
pango_layout_get_extents(), is the ink rectangle supposed to be
contained within the logical rectangle?  I'm seeing a case where this
doesn't seem to be the case:

  text `W': ink: x=1024 y=2048 w=7168 h=6144, logical: x=0 y=0 w=7168 h=10240

Here, the ink and logical rectangles have the same width (7168), but
the ink rectangle as an x offset of 1024 whereas the logical rectangle
has an offset of 0.  This doesn't make sense to me, but perhaps I'm
just not understanding the API.

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