Re: Pango and Android

El dj 31 de 12 de 2015 a les 11:55 +0000, en/na Behdad Esfahbod va
On 15-12-18 11:39 PM, Pere Pujal i Carabantes wrote:
Hi Behdad, Thanks for replying

El dv 18 de 12 de 2015 a les 16:34 +0000, en/na Behdad Esfahbod va
On 15-12-15 10:44 PM, Pere Pujal i Carabantes wrote:
Any hints to debug this?

Humm.  Not really.

When you say "messed up", care to explain how?

I think better attach a screenshot, note that it is scaled by SDL
zoomed by Android accessibility, the text inside the buttons should
Pinta Estampa    -> Paint Stamp
Línies Formes    -> Lines Shapes

Humm; hard to tell what's going on.

I've noticed that when applying the workaround mentioned in the
previous mail, then the font used to render the text changes from
looks like a sans font to a serif one.

Is it possible that the SDL layer assumes that the text is all shaped
the same (primary) font?  That's obviously not how Pango works...

I think I found something to narrow down that problem:
The font used by Pango in the not working Android 4.3 is
the MotoyaLMaru font (*), if I copy that font to the working Android
4.0.3(who uses a Sans fallback), then Pango will use it instead of the
working one.

So I think I have to investigate why Pango uses that font as default
and/or why setting the language to "ca" changes the font to a one that
works and setting the language to "fr" doesn't, and/or find the way to
force Pango to use a custom font that Tux Paint provides. 

Thanks for any comments

(*) The MotoyaLMaru font was designated to support Japanese language,
and lacks many of the European accented letters


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