Re: Unicode normalization and text display differences

On 01/06, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
On 16-01-06 02:55 PM, Benjamin Kiessling wrote:
On 01/06, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
Hi Ben,

You at least need to tell us on what platform you are testing this and with
what fonts.

Sorry, I'm running on Debian testing (libpango-1.0 package version
1.36.8-3) and using it through GObject introspection from python
(although that's probably not the issue here). Apart from setting up the
whole CairoSurface and Layout shebang the code boils down to

The font family used is GFS Philostratos, although the issue persists
only with GFS fonts as I'm realizing just now. Using DejaVu Sans output
is independent of normalization form. Is this to be expected? The
documentation is mute about such points (and in general about how it's
supposed to be used).

It's probably the case that the GFS fonts don't support the combining marks,
and as such Pango picks them from a different font, which then breaks shaping.

Makes sense. Is there a way to detect fallback, except disabling it
completely using pango_attr_fallback_new() or instantiating a new
fontconfig environment for a particular font?

All Best,

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