Re: Glyph width vs advance width

Also, 'f' in many italic fonts for example.  Many glyphs in most script-style

On 15-02-25 06:45 AM, Dave Crossland wrote:

the w can often be a little wider in glyph width than advance width, to avoid
distasteful gaps with other vertical letters like in www

also many fonts for Indian scripts with a head line like Devanagari have a
similar slightly extending headline


On Feb 25, 2015 2:56 AM, "Pranay Samanta" <pranay samanta work gmail com
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    I have a query regarding the glyph's width and the glyph's advance width.

    Can glyph width be greater than adnvance width?

    And if yes, can you please explain one scenario when and why will it be

    Thanks and regards
    Pranay Samanta

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