Recent Pango changes

Hi guys - I believe this is the correct mailing list for libpango.

I just updated from git master and noticed some big changes which seemed unusual. I just wanted to check if these are correct or if something's gone awry with my update...

Problem #1 - AFAICT the entire 'modules' subdirectory has been removed. It looks like there's no longer any support for thai language / indic language etc, etc. Is that correct? Or have those modules been moved somewhere else?

Problem #2 - For building on Windows, certain folders were previously determined (at run time) by querying the user's installation folder. In particular, I'm thinking of pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory() and pango_get_lib_subdirectory(). They each used to figure out where the user's install directory was located and then calculate their respective folders with respect to the found directory. However, in the latest versions, these are now calculated with respect to a compile-time constant (SYSCONFDIR or LIBDIR, as appropriate). The problem is that when building for Windows, those values can't possibly be known at compile time. The user's system isn't required to have any particular drive (not even a C: drive).

Problem #3 - 'pango/pango-utils.c' used to contain functions such as 'read_config_file()' and 'read_config_system()'. These seem to have gone now. Is that intentional?

I'm only querying these because they seem to be rather drastic changes... ;-)


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